Another form of prescription addiction

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The next prescription addiction

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Tab Chonky Boi

Do you love the Chill Pill? Then you will love Tab . The best Prescription Slider

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CoinFig - Fully Configurable Haptic Coin

CoinFig is a completely customizable haptic coin.

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FidgetThings Switch - Kickstarter Preview Launch

Switch - Haptic Key Cap Clicker

A new way to enjoy your favorite Key Cap and Key Switch in a fun customizable form factor!

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Custom Engraved Coin

Custom Coins

Custom Laser Engraved coins.

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I make anything that I would find useful and would like others to experience. take a look at my other Everyday Carry items

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We All Fidget So Get a Thing

All Items are made by me in Las Vegas Nevada. I design, machine, finish, pack, and ship every item on my store.