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Custom Engraved Coin

Custom Engraved Coin

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Want something to fidget with that is discreet? Want a Unique Challenge Coin? Need a Truly Unique Gift? Play golf? have something else to mark?

Well this is your Answer!

A truly unique coin selected by you to be given as a gift or carry around.

This solid metal coin that is laser engraved and hand finished with your choice of designs, text, or even a completely custom choice.

The coin comes in 5 metals (see photos)
Brass - yellow gold colored metal
Copper - rose gold colored metal
Cupernickel - silver colored metal
Bi Metal - Brass/Cuper 2 metal coin
Titanium - grayish coin extremely durable, light
Stainless Steel - Silver colored, durable, heavy
Mokume - 3 Metal folded Brass, Copper, and Nickle Coin
SuperConductor - Array of Niobium metal rods encased in Copper 

There is 2 sizes and 2 Thicknesses.
~32mm x ~3mm
~30mm x ~3mm
~32mm x ~5mm
~40mm x ~3mm

There are Generic designs to pick from or you can do a full Custom option

Each coin is made to order with the selected design. Custom orders may have a longer than normal lead time depending on complexity. I will work with you one on one via email to try and get your design perfect.

For custom choices please reach out ahead of time to make sure your vision will work or I will reach out after your order

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