FidgetThings Switch Guide

FidgetThings Switch Guide


Congratulations if you are here, you are either lost or now the proud owner of a FidgetThings Switch!

What is a Switch? Switch is a Fidget Clicker that utilizes an all metal body that secures a keyboard key switch with 4 screws and takes any MX Stem key Cap. 

This allows the user to not only pick there preference in material for the body but also customize the Key Switch, Key Cap, and more!

This Guide will help you understand what is in your box, how to change key caps, change key switches, install lanyard loop/keychain, and understand when to use what size screw.

What is in the Box?

  • x1-2      FidgetThings Switch
    • x1 Loud and Haptic Key Switch
    • x1 Selected Key Cap
    • x2 M2x4mm Screws
    • x2 M2x6mm screws (x1 if loop/keychain is bought)
  • x1         T6 Torx Driver
  • x1         Quiet and Smooth Key Switch
  • x2         M2x6mm screws (x3 if loop/keychain is bought)
  • x1         Didget

Why the two different size screws?

To put it simply, different switches have different designs. Below are 2 examples. One you can use 4 M2x6mm Screws or 2 M2x6mm and 2 M2x6mm screw and position your loop/keychain in any 4 positions and the other you must use 2 M2x6mm and 2 M2x6mm and the loop/keycahin can only go in 2 positions.

How to change key caps?

It is recommended that you get a narrow wire Key Cap puller (an Example is shown below). This is to avoid damaging your key cap, switch, and/or Key Switch. In a pinch you can use a credit card to slowly shim/pry off the cap or you can loosen your 4 screws about half way and remove the key switch and key cap entirely.


How to change key switch?

Simply loosen your 4 screws in the Switch body and remove the key switch. Insert new key switch and tighten the 4 screws. Please check which key switch style you have inserted to ensure you have the right screws in position.


How to install/remove Loop/Keychain

Insert Torx wrench through hole and gently turn, Lefty Loosey to remove, and Right Tighty to install. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, a gentle snug is all it takes. Make sure the loop is on the back or front of key switch orientation.

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