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Zirconium Key Cap

Zirconium Key Cap

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Standard Keyboard Key Caps 5 Axis Machined from Exotic Metals. 

Each Cap is numbered in sequence that they are made on the underside of the cap


Zirconium - A material with Similar Properties to Titanium but Slightly Heavier. When polished has a very slick smooth surface and when heated red hot forms and extremely durable Black Oxide Layer

Crystal Titanium - Alloy of Titanium that is manufactured slightly different that causes it to form a more crystalline molecular structure, once machined the parts are diped in acid further showing the crystals. After acid dip they can be electrically anodized to bring out colors in the crystals. 

Mokuti -  Multiple layers of various grades of Titanium forge welded and folded together that when heated up color different shades to show stripes. No 2 Key Caps are the same

Zircuti - Same as Mokuti but with added layers of Zirconium to add deep black stripes in the pattern. 

Mokume - Layers of Brass Copper and Nickel forge welded together to create a almost wood grain look. After matching material is dipped in acid to eat away some copper and give a more wood grain feel. No 2 Key Caps are the same.

Superconductor - Copper encasing a carefully arranged layout out Niobium rods. original purpose and design of material was for transferring energy with little to no resistance but is not used in the EDC community for its unique look and rarity. After machining the piece is polished and then acid dipped to each away copper to expose the niobium more and give it a unique texture. Is is then repolished and cleaned. No 2 Key Caps are the same.


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