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FidgetThings Switch - Crystal Titanium

FidgetThings Switch - Crystal Titanium

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Successfully funded Kickstarter:

A 5-axis machined metal body that holds a single Keyboard Key switch and Key Cap. The user can customize the key switch and key cap to their liking to get a unique feel and/or unique look.

The Switch utilizes 4 screws to securely grip the switch in the body, so the user doesn’t have to forcefully push in the switch or pull it out. This makes changing the switch an easy gentle process. These screw holes also allow for optional accessories like the Loop to make hanging from a key chain easy or attach your favorite bead for more customization. Oh and there’s more along with this functionality you can link multiple switches together to create unique multi switch clickers. 

The Current switch options are:

Loud and Tactile 
Quiet and Smooth

Each Switch includes a special designed all metal key cap, but you can of course change these out for any key cap with a MX stem.  

Material Variations
Anodized Aluminum: lightweight material that is colored and has added durability
Brass: heavy gold colored material that patinas over time
Copper: Heavy Material that will patina overtime
Crystal Titanium: A unique alloy of titanium that when forged is purposely changed to where the grain of titanium is not aligned allowing a crystal like finish to show when etched in HF Acid. Can be changed to 3 colors or left Raw.
Zirconium: A heavier Titanium like material that when heated red hot forms an extremely durable black oxide layer that can be heavily polished. 

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