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FidgetThings Chill Bead - End Bead for Paracord

FidgetThings Chill Bead - End Bead for Paracord

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These Beads were inspired by the Chill Pill. Each bead consist of 2 threaded components that twist together on the end of Paracord  to get rid of the need or look of a knott. 

Each bead also comes with a 3D printed 2 Color Didget bead on a piece of utility cord (3/32 Paracord) in the Color of your choice.

easily attach to your Switch or any other favorite piece of EDC gear with a Lanyard hole/loop. 

***orientation of material choice is random***

*for best results melt end of Paracord with a lighter and slight pinch the ends flat. The better you get the ends the tighter you can tighten the bead and the stronger the hold.

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