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Didget’s Bits

Didget’s Bits

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What’s a Didget’s Bit? Well it’s like the nugget on a Chicken no one knows where they are but some how you can eat them. 

These Sweet or Sour Bits are the perfect thing to crave your sweet tooth as your fidgeting with your favorite item or getting ready for your next unboxing. They have a satisfying crunch that leaves your mouth watering and keeps you coming back for more! 

Each order of Didget’s Bits comes with 2oz of the style of your choice. And with all orders you will get the months Didget Character in a unique color that changes each month. 

Like all things in my shop you these are produced and packaged by me! 

Didget’s Bits are a popular Freeze Dried candy. I can’t say there name but there slogan is something like “Raste teh Tainbow”. If you haven’t tried freeze dried candy yet, I strongly suggest it! 

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