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Chill Pill Mix & Match - Ultem Half

Chill Pill Mix & Match - Ultem Half

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Hey bro! you need to chill! I got just the thing to take the edge off

Get the newest most addictive Fidget Toy! The Chill Pill. A customizable magnetic pill toy that releases a nice audible clacking sound and is great to fidget with. Each Pill comes in a mock prescription bottle with a humorous mock label.

The Best Fidget Prescription out there with 1000's Sold and Successfully Funded on Kickstarter.

Each Pill half is machined out of the material of your choice. Combine 2 Pill halves for a complete Chill Pill

Change your mind later? No Problem! Pills have a removable magnet system that lets you mix and match them at anytime

Aluminum: Lightweight Metal
Brass: Dense Heavy Metal that will darken over time
Copper: Dense Heavy Metal that will form a patina over time
Stainless Steel: A strong corrosive resistant Metal
Titanium:Durable lightweight metal
Acrylic: Transparent plastic highly polished
Ultem: Durable Transparent Amber colored composite
Delrin: Black Polished Plastic
TurboGlow: Super Bright Glow in the Dark Material
Crystal Titanium: A Titanium that is specially created to show a crystal grain structure
Zirconium: A metal that forms a strong black oxide coating after heated red hot
Zircuti: A Blend of several grades of titanium and zirconium to create a swirl of colors when anodized

Normal: Fresh off machine and ran through a scotchbrite pad
Polished: Buffed on a polish wheel to an almost mirror smooth finish
Flame Anodized: Adding color to the Piece with FIRE!
Stone Washed: tumbled in a rotary tumble machine to give a smooth yet satisfying dull finish
HoneyComb: has same finish as normal but cut like a honey comb wand
Ringer: two grooves at the base that fit brings to add more grip or more Aluminum

See them in action on Instagram @fidgetthings

***Contains small parts and magnets that can come loose. Not intended for children or people who put things in their mouth as it can pose a choking hazard. Not an actual pill or prescription DO NOT EAT.***

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