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Chill Pill - Extra Dose - Crystal Titanium

Chill Pill - Extra Dose - Crystal Titanium

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Love your Chill Pill but always feel like its a small? Need that extra length for increased satisfaction? Well Toss on an Extra Dose!

Feeling Like you need more? Utilize 3-4 Extra Dose's alone for a new feel

Each Extra Dose is Machined out of the same metals as the Chill Pills to add an extra .374", because we all know a bit more never hurt...

Each Extra Dose has the same removable magnet system as the Chill Pill but since the piece is symmetry you won't really need to remove the magnet...but I hate glue. Each Half has my logo engraved on the blank side so you know its mad by FidgetThings

Aluminum: Lightweight Metal
Brass: Dense Heavy Metal that will darken over time
Copper: Dense Heavy Metal that will form a patina over time
Stainless Steel: A strong corrosive resistant Metal
Titanium:Durable lightweight metal
Acrylic: Transparent plastic highly polished
Ultem: Durable Transparent Amber colored composite
Delrin: Black Polished Plastic
TurboGlow: Super Bright Glow in the Dark Material
Crystal Titanium: A Titanium that is specially created to show a crystal grain structure
Zirconium: A metal that forms a strong black oxide coating after heated red hot
Zircuti: A Blend of several grades of titanium and zirconium to create a swirl of colors when anodized
Mokume: A layered metal of copper, brass, and nickel. Some say it looks like a wood grain. Can either be highly polished or lightly Etched in Ferric chloride further bring out the pattern and giving a light texture
SuperConductor:  Copper surrounding Titanium Niobium rods in a particular array. Was originally intended to carry electrical current efficiently, but turns out to create truly unique pieces.  Can either be highly polished or lightly etched in Ferric Chloride to remove a small amount of copper to allow you to feel the rods 

Tumbled: Default 
Flame Anodized: Heated Red Hot with a torch to add some color
Anodized: selected colors with a thin coating

***Contains small parts and magnets that can come loose. Not intended for children or people who put things in their mouth as it can pose a choking hazard. Not an actual pill or prescription DO NOT EAT.***

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