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Tab Chonky Boi - Magnetic Slider

Tab Chonky Boi - Magnetic Slider

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The newest edition to the FidgetThings Prescription fidget line. This is the third iteration of the poplar tab slider but squished down to be a Chonky Boi

This slider comes in a variety of Metals to fit your budget. By Default it comes with a 3x2 Magnet configuration. This allows the user to tweak the magnet strength by using strong/weaker magnets or in the future change the magnet lay out to bigger arrays. Also allows for easy repair/upgrade/replace parts.

The Tab Chonky is 46mmx28mmx13mm this allow you to easily slide and flip Chonky in your hands in various directions.

Each Chonky includes
Prescription Bottle with mock label
2 Chonky body halves
6 screws
2 Plates
12 n52 magnets

Aluminum - budget introductory model. Has 3D printed plates and Is tumble finished
Brass - heavy soft goldish metal that will patina over time
Copper - heavy soft metal that will patina over time
Stainless Steel - heavy durable metal
Titanium - light durable metal that can be color anodized
Zirconium - a metal when heated up turned black and creates a resilient oxide layer

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