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The Tracker - Modular 4 Bay 2 Digit Tracker

The Tracker - Modular 4 Bay 2 Digit Tracker

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The Tracker: Your Ultimate MTG Commander Game Companion

Stay on top of every aspect of your Magic: The Gathering Commander game with The Tracker, the versatile and customizable tracking device designed specifically for MTG enthusiasts.

Key Features:

1. Quadruple 2-Digit Tracking Dials: With four separate 2-digit tracking dials, The Tracker lets you effortlessly monitor various game elements such as storm count, mana, life, poison, and commander damage, ensuring you never miss a beat.
2. Magic Color Pie Body Options: Choose a body color that aligns with the five iconic colors of Magic: The Gathering – white, blue, black, red, and green – to reflect your deck’s identity or personal style.
3. Assorted Dial Colors: Customize your Tracker with a variety of solid, non-painted dial color options, allowing you to create a unique look that’s both durable and visually appealing.
4. Magnetic Label Tiles: Easily removable magnetic tiles make it simple to label each counter, providing clarity and flexibility as your tracking needs change throughout the game.

Whether you’re tracking storm count, mana, life, poison, or commander damage, The Tracker ensures you have everything you need in one convenient, stylish device. Enhance your gameplay and stay organized with The Tracker, the ultimate tool for Magic: The Gathering Commander players.

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