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Modular Counter - Multi Purpose Customizable 2 Digit Counter

Modular Counter - Multi Purpose Customizable 2 Digit Counter

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Modular 2-Digit Counter: Versatile Tracking for Your Trading Card Game

Enhance your gaming experience with the Modular 2-Digit Counter, the perfect tool for tracking life totals, mana, or any other game element in your trading card game. Designed for customization and convenience, this counter adapts to your unique style and gameplay needs.

Key Features:

1. Customizable End Caps: Personalize your counter with end caps that can be labeled to track specific values, ensuring you always know what each dial represents.
2. Magic Color Pie Body Options: Choose from the five iconic colors of Magic: The Gathering – white, blue, black, red, and green – to match your deck or personal preference.
3. Assorted Dial Colors: Mix and match dial colors to create a counter that’s truly your own. With a variety of solid, non-painted color options, your counter will look great and resist wear.
4. Easy Disassembly/Assembly: The Modular 2-Digit Counter is designed for effortless disassembly and assembly, allowing you to change parts and colors on the fly to suit your evolving needs.

Whether you’re tracking life totals, mana, or any other vital statistics in your trading card game, the Modular 2-Digit Counter offers unparalleled customization and durability. Get yours today and keep your game organized and stylish!

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