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Tactile V4 - Haptic Non Repulsing Magnetic Slider

Tactile V4 - Haptic Non Repulsing Magnetic Slider

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TacTile is a minimalistic style designed slider that has no preference and what side touches what or how you hold it. Through magical magnetic configuration no side repels allowing you to move and manipulate the tiles in any way. This adds another level of fidget moves that are not possible with a typical slider. 

Each TacTile has 2 identical halves machined out of Stainless Steel with 2 screws securing the halves together

TacTile includes:

2 Assembled Tactile Tile: (consisting of)
     4 identical halves
     4 Screws
     32 N52 Magnets
Metal Case

The Brave can Tweak the internal set up with different cages and different magnet size. Using the Tweaker add on. 

3x2 cages 
4x2 cages

with strength Profiles:


***Contains small parts and magnets that can come loose. Not intended for children or people who put things in their mouth as it can pose a choking hazard.

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