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Tactile - Haptic Stackable Magnetic Slider - UNO Edition

Tactile - Haptic Stackable Magnetic Slider - UNO Edition

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TacTile is FidgetThings approach to a magnetic haptic slider that allows you to customize to your preference.

Each TacTile UNO Edition Includes 2 Tiles with engraved Identical iconic UNO card back and 2 random different cards of either Reverse, Skip, or Draw 2.

The Zirconium Version are Blackened and then engraved and electro anodized 1 of 4 colors (Blue, Purple,Red,Yellow). This will also randomly Chosen along with the card type. No 2 uno cards are the same.

Also Special for Zirconium, 6 Cards have a unique Gradient coloring

Inside you have a 3x2 Magnet configuration that feature 12 n52 Magnets that gives you 2 strong clicks up and down and 1 left or right.
You can also flip the cages to them give you a slider with no polarity and an easier slide effect or remove half the magnets to make it easier to click.

Swapping the set up is made easier the included torx key and metal case to make magnet swapping easier.

TacTile includes:
2 UNO Tiles
8 Screws
24 N52 Magnets
Torx Key
Metal Case

***Contains small parts and magnets that can come loose. Not intended for children or people who put things in their mouth as it can pose a choking hazard.

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