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Snap - Unique Titanium Utility Blade Holder

Snap - Unique Titanium Utility Blade Holder

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Snap Utility knife, a different twist on what you are use to seeing. Snap was built to provide a way to access the whole blade of the knife for scrapping or cutting in both direction, it also allows for tool less blade changes, as well as getting the form factor as small as possible. It uses any standard sized utility blade.

Snap stays closed and keeps the blade in place through magnets! It opens in a very unique way which also helps it stay shut in your pocket. The Motion is like Snap-into your fingers to open it and it makes and audible Snap when closing...hence the name.

Each Snap comes with a machined Titanium pocket click to make carrying it easier

Snap was first sold on a successful Kickstarter Campaign here:

You can see it functionality on my Instagram @fidgetthings

Don’t forget a Laser Etched Utility Blade and/or Leather Holster

***no blade included****

Warning: This is a light duty utility knife. And is not a toy. Use of a razor blade/knife can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Please use with Caution. User accepts all responsibility for any and all use and misuse of product.

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