Generic 3 Ball EDC Tri-Bar Fidget Spinner Toy

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If you cant Beat them Join them?

Get the Generic Plastic Spinner that everyone sells! At a great Price and shipped quickly!

Each Spinner is injection molded and features 3 metals balls around a hybrid ceramic 608 bearing

Packaging includes spinner with caps, top converter, o rings, an extra metal ball

The Color will be the color of the frame and cap

Buy 2 and mix colors!

All items are sent out 1-3 days from the order being placed, I process all orders from the day after 9PM PST to be assembled and packed. Typically orders go out next day.

***These items contain parts that can come loose and pose a choking hazard for small children. Recommended for children 12 and up and/or who are mature enough to not put things in their mouth. The