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FidgetThings Switch - Kickstarter Preview Launch

FidgetThings Switch - Kickstarter Preview Launch

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***This is a special Preview drop for an upcoming Kickstarter for this product to help get feed back and get them in the hands of fans sooner. The Kickstarter will feature coated Aluminum options and potentially more colors and materials along with better customized cap options***

Introducing the FidgetThings Switch

A 5-axis machined metal body that holds a single Keyboard Key switch and Key Cap. The user can customize the key switch and key cap to their liking to get a unique feel and/or unique look. 

The Switch utilizes 4 screws to securely grip the switch in the body, so the user doesn’t have to forcefully push in the switch or pull it out. This makes changing the switch an easy gentle process. 

The Current switch options are:

Cherry MX Blue - Loud and Tactile 
Cherry MX Red - Quiet and Smooth

The Current Key Caps options are:

Black Translucent Plastic (Default)
Random Black Stainless Steel Cap
Black Stainless Steel ESC Key

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